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On-Site SEO

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce we have identified the exact keywords you need to target we analyse you site to see how the content can be perfectly embedded into it. Part of our service provides a complete SEO copywriting section. However if you have your own writers, we can give them the right practical knowledge to enable them optimise your sites content for the keywords.

Not all SEO companies have the capability to provide the same level of service as DWR. We know that it is not only the words on your site that matter but how your site is constructed as well. This includes the design and coding of the site as well! As a we are a web development company as well, we have the skills to identify any technical issues that arise. This can include page names, metadata, alt tags and much much more. We ensure that the search engines find it easy to index your site no matter what. If your site requires changes to be implemented then our team of expert designers and coders can help if you don’t have an in house department.

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