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Importance of Online Content Marketing for Growing Business

Importance of Online Content Marketing for Growing Business
keep customers happy

If you want to promote your business on the web, then you have to realize the importance of content marketing. If done correctly, this can really help your business grow significantly in a very short period of time. First of all, you should understand that content marketing is not exclusive to the online world. Business firms can employ content marketing using other forms of media and marketing platforms.

Content marketing refers to the creation of high quality, useful content for your targeted audience so that they will read this content and share it with others. This can help in increasing exposure for your business as well as making people trust you as an authority in your chosen industry. There are many different kinds of content which you can create ranging from articles, short reports, videos, audio lectures, interviews, infographics etc.

importance of content marketing

A lot of people are searching online for solutions to their problems. They are asking questions and your job is to answer as many of the user questions as you can which are related to your business. You can find thousands of businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups which are using content marketing very effectively to gain exposure and trust among users.

In the past, many businesses would just put up a simple website comprising of few pages which talked about their company and their products. Nowadays, you can find many businesses are having a blog on their website. The main website section focuses on the company’s background and its products while the blog contains useful information like tips, how to’s etc. This blog is regularly updated with helpful information in order to grow the readership and make people visit the blog frequently.

Statistics Show Importance of Content Marketing

Below are given some interesting statistics which can further help you understand the importance of content marketing for growing your business:

1. More than 50% readers feel positive about a particular company and its products after reading useful content on its website. So, by having good quality information you can win the trust of visitors and they are more likely to consider buying your products or services.

2. More than 70% people feel that a company which provides useful information on its website or blog is interested in building longĀ  term relationship with customers. Imagine if people start feeling like this about your company, are they not more likely to purchase your products?

3. Nearly 20% of the time people spend on the internet on an average is spent on reading content on topics of their interest. By having lots of helpful information on your website, you can attract more people and keep them engaged for a longer period of time. Such people are likely to recommend your website to others which will result in free word-of-mouth marketing for your company.

keep customers happy

Keep customers happy

Another huge advantage of content marketing is that you are likely to get rewarded with higher search engine rankings by having lots of content on your website. Google has changed its algorithm over the last few years and it now pays a lot of importance to content. If your site gains higher search rankings, then you can get more free visitors and potential customers. So, content marketing is useful for growing your own business online as well as for your readers and customers as it provides them with helpful information needed to solve their problems.

It would be best if you hire an experienced and professional firm to develop a content marketing strategy suitable for your business. Developing good quality information on regular basis requires lot of hard work. If you do not want to do it yourself then there are many firms which can do that for you.

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