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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t DWR we have special processes that allow us to create your website. Each process can be used again and again which gives you total peace of mind. You know that the features you are having on your website have been tried and tested over many different customers with different markets around the world. Re-using processes keeps the price down for you while still leaving us with the ability to expand the process especially for your needs.

So the answer is yes! If you want to know if we can provide a specific feature to your website that is.

You can either contact us or have a quick peek at some of these example features from our expertise.

[accordion framed=”true”] [section title=”Content Management”]

All of our websites come with Content Management (CMS) as standard, and it is how we change your website from a boring old static brochure to an up to the minute, dynamic website. All you need is a web browser (like the one you are using now) and an internet connection. You can connect to the easy to use word processor style editor from any where in the world and at anytime that suits you.

In fact there is so much to this system we have a whole page for you find out more, right here.

[section title=”Booking”]

You may need booking facilities for hotel rooms, meeting rooms, courses, equipement, tickets, seats, people, time or events, but what ever it maybe our booking system has the answer.

It can be configured to perfectly suit your needs. You can create a resource which can be controlled by unit of time, availability, holidays, the time between bookings (maybe to reset a room), how far in advanced the booking can be made , how long a reservation is held for before paying and by how much the user is to pay. The whole systems can be seamlessly integrated with our eCommerce feature or rely on email confirmations for you to action. How ever you need it we can deliver the perfect solution.

[section title=”Multilingual websites”]

We all know that the internet has opened up the world market so why do we see so many sites with just one language (mostly english) when they are selling to the world? You could reach a much wider audience by providing your website in many different languages.

If you have laready seen how our content management facility works then you already know that your content suppliers can be split into teams. If you were to have a team that specifically translates contetn that already exists, our delivery system will ensure it shows the correct language as set by the browser (provided you have the translation of course).

You can have any combination of language and location for your translations. This allows you to display in British English or US Englis, or Canadian French as opposed to French France.

Not only that you can also specify images for each language, so if your products vary by country, you can display the correct product version to the correct country browser. You can translate forms, news, text, products. If fact you name it, you can create a lnaguage version for it. We even support complex languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Greek, etc.

Yo don’t even have to do it all at once! Once setup you can version your website by language as and when your territories expand.


[section title=”eCommerce”]

You want to sell online and we want to make it easy and affordable for you to do that. Our eCommerce solution will integrate with your website, making it feel part of the website and not a bolt on or pop-up.

Our solution is a comprehensive suite of features allowing you to create as simple or complex a product as you need. You can easily define complex pricing levels, offering discounts, special offers, domestic and international delivery, as well as applied tax rules.

There is a whole host more allowing you to combine the membership feature with the eCommerce solution giving you the ability to offer members discounts, members only products and much more.

Not only do you have complete control over how the system works you can also customise the look and feel of each stage of the purchasing cycle.


[section title=”Forms”]

You can’t go anywhere on the web these days without having to fill in a form of some kind. DWR likes to make this as simple as possible providing all the technology you need to capture information from your visitors as easy as pie.

When a form has been filled in we can provide the technology to process the form for specific criteria, such as validating email addresses, must have fields, etc. All this is done within the visitors browser stopping invalid data or spam reaching your inbox or database. We can even provide human verifiaction controls (CAPTCHA), which is a posh way of saying that spam bots can’t spam your web forms.

If you are making great use of the membership facilities we offer, all the forms can be pre-filled with the available data supplied by your great members.


[section title=”Membership”]

Building a good relationship with your customers is easy with our membership features on your website. Once a member, your website can deliver member only areas, products, in fact any content you wish to show. You can even provide premium content, discounts on your product, member only products and so much more.

We know you are busy so we build into your website everything you need to automate how you look after your members. Members can update their own details and email subscriptions without the need for you to do anything. Even if they forget their passwords, they can be emailed a hint to help them remember. After all that if you do need to reset a password or ban a member, you can do simply and easily from your websites secure control panel, accessible anytime in any web browser.


[section title=”Web 2.0″]

The future of the Internet is here so make sure you choose a web presence that will stand the test of time. Gone are the days of waiting for a whole website page to load when you just want to see the next few products, news article, portfolio items, etc. Our Web 2,0 Ajax skills make your website faster to use and browse information.


[section title=”Multi-currency websites”]

So you have decided to translate your page into other languages, or even if you haven’t you let you customers shop in their local currency. The eCommerce facility (possible link to ecommerce) allows your products to be tailored to each region you specify allowing each product to sell in it’s own regional currency and value.

Now you have far more control over your territorial pricing letting you take into account the local markets and influences, product and shipping costs, way beyond the simple currency exchange rates! You can sell in any currency supported by your payment gateway.


[section title=”Newsletters and email broadcasts”]

We can help your site improve communications with your members by broadcasting newsletters and emails for you, either automatically or by an administrator.When a member registers or updates their details they can subscribe to any mailing lists you define within your website. You can then then send html and text based emails to subscribers directly from within your website; no need for bulk email software or services. Emails can be personalised with any captured member details and including personalised images.Email Broadcasting is a fast, easy and cost effective way to send newsletters, invitations, special promotions, service announcements and direct marketing campaigns to your target audience. Whether it is a simple text letter that draws people to your web site or a highly visual, HTML formatted message, your site can have the technology to deliver your email to thousands or hundreds of thousands of contacts immediately. It offers you rapid time to market while eliminating the cost of postage, printing and packaging. Stop the long hours of preparation to send your information and automate your communication process.


[section title=”And so much more… …”]

If that isn’t enough stuff for you then below is a list of things we have done for clients, but we can do a whole lot more. In fact, you tell us what you want and we will tell you how we can do it…

    • Custom Web Design
    • Content Management
    • eCommerce
    • Membership
    • Subscription Payments
    • Order Processing
    • Stock Control
    • Subscriber Mailing Lists
    • Member-only Areas
    • Premium Content
    • News Management
    • Booking (rooms, equipment, tickets, people, etc.)
    • Application Integration
    • Form processing
    • Animation
    • Standards Compliance
    • Web Chat
    • Multilingual
    • Multi-currency
    • RSS feeds
    • Events
    • Contact Forms
    • Random Content
    • Timed Content
    • Site Search
    • Site maps
    • Hit Counters
    • Content Import/Export
    • Forums
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Search Engine Submission
    • Hosting

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